Stupid traditions

One thing I think is really stupid here in Japan, is the Japanese wedding traditions. Normally a guest has to pay like 3 万円 ( 30 000 yen) which is about 3 000 SEK to the bridal couple. This is as gift and money for the food. 3 000 SEK!!!! Also for the Japanese, the relations between co-workers are very important, so to decline a wedding invitation from someone at your work is not too good. So right now, as for me and Toshi, we have to pay these 3 000 SEK ( 3万円) on Saturday since he got invited to his co-workers wedding, even though we have a 80 000 SEK loan to pay off ( due to all the flights we had to take to go back to Sweden after my father’s passing and the tickets we already bought for our wedding). It’s just stupid and unnecessary and it pisses me off!! Luckely, we have already paid off half the loan and are going to be able to pay off the rest this month, but we will have to live quite simple this month too thanks to that extra expense. Oh, and we have to save money for our own wedding, which we haven’t been able to do yet because of the loan. Life is wonderful almost every day ;)

I apologize for this angry comment, but I just needed to blow off some steam. Nothing to do about it, this is the Japanese way and I’m living in Japan, so it’s just to deal with it and move on. But you don’t need to like it everytime though;)

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