The last day of June

It suddenly hit me that I haven’t uploaded any photos of our car. It’s a Honda Insight hybrid car, practically new, it has just served as rental car for about 1 year. I could never imagine that I would by an almost new car for 2 years ago, and now I got one. But it doesn’t really feel as my car, maybe because I can’t drive here in Japan. That’s a bit a shame, but not much to do about it. I would crash faster than you can blink, so that’s not a good idea to put me behind the steering wheel. We bought the car in October (I think... bad memory) so I think it’s time to show you some pictures of our baby!


And the Swedish flag of course!

Also, I thought of uploading some pictures from my work, which I took several months ago. I just haven’t been coming around uploading them before, so here we go!

The cutest girl at school, M- chan and me!

Lovely Mai- chan and me :)

K - kun and C - kun are the schools cool boys!

Play time in the big room!!

Lunch time! Let's eat!

Today has been a ordinary day, in my nowadays ordinary life. Not much to report, so I’m going to take a bath and listen to some classic music to relax my body a bit before I go to bed. There is a new day of work tomorrow! See ya!!

Happy Birthdays


Today is Carro’s and Kicki’s birthdays. Congratulations girls!!! I really hope that you both got great birthdays ♥


Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow ( June 29th) is Kiba Chan’s first birthday. But we celebrated it today instead of tomorrow, since Toshi has work then. So, after I got of work we went to the home centre “Conan” and bought two new toys and a “cat cake” for him. He was thrilled over the toys, but the cake is still uneaten. He just tasted it and then decided that he doesn’t have any sweet tooth. Happy Birthday, Kiba chan ♥

Kiba chan with his new toys ♥

Kiba is eating his birthday cake ♥

Summer in June

It’s only June now, but it’s already crazy hot in Japan. It’s like summer is already here. In Japan, summer starts around July, and then the temperature goes up to the roof. Everyday the temperature is about 30 – 40 degrees. June holds the rain season, and it’s usually not as hot as during the summer, although it’s humid as hell. But now, the temperature already hits 32 degrees! That’s how hot it was in our apartment when I came home from work the other day when the air-conditioned was off.


Work is busy as usual. We got a lot of new students in my class, the baby class, so it has been a lot of screaming and crying until recently when they have acclimatised. Soon we are starting the summer school, and then we’ll get a bunch of new students who are coming only during the middle part of July through all of August. Then, my friend Enya is probably going to work as a third teacher to hold the lessons for the summer school class. It’s going to be fun working with her!


My birthday has passed, and we had a birthday party at home in our apartment which was really fun. But sure I miss the birthdays back home in Sweden, and I always feel a bit gloomy on my birthdays now. It’s just turned out to be a very sensitive day for me, feeling homesick and everything. But that’s the way it is, just to suck it up and deal with it. Anyway, I’m uploading some of the pictures from the party here


Also my little sister had her graduation from high school on June the 10th. Congratulations!! I wish so much that I could have been there!!


Now, it’s Sunday morning and my day off. Sweet  Toshi’s working today, so I’m by myself. Which is fine, I’m kind of a lonely wolf and appreciate the time I have for myself f. Although I prefer to be with him  But today I’m just going to be lazy as can be, except for the fact that I have to clean a bit... 仕方ない!!! Not much to do about that

Just one more thing, I’m watching a movie right now and it’s about this Korean guy moving to Japan with his father. They move to Kyoto, he doesn’t speak any Japanese in the beginning but meets this girl right away and they kind of start dating. And they go to a lot of places that I and Toshi went to too. It’s just so great to watch, it just brings me back to the time when I was new here and saw and did everything for the first time.

1 year wedding anniversary

On Saturday May the 14th Toshi and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary ( which is on May 15th). I had been working during the day until 3 pm, and Toshi had been training with the rescue team at work until 5:30 pm, so we went out for some dinner in the evening. We went for a 30 minutes bicycle ride to Jusou, which is an area in Osaka quite close to our home and that offers a lot of delicious foods. We had a great time! First we went to a Spanish bar where we ate some tapas and had a glass of wine. The atmosphere was great but the food was only okay. But it was cheap so we were both happy about it J Then, we moved on to a Yakitori Izakaya, which I can closest translate as a bar which sells not only alcohol, but barbecued chicken. It was crazy cheap! The best thing over there was definitely the staff. She caught us already on the street, and started to speak in English to me right away. At some time, Toshi answered “yes” in English to a question and then she started to speak English to him too. He was going to tell her that he is Japanese, but didn’t get any opportunity to do so. So we let her believe that both me and Toshi were foreigners. Toshi felt it very strange but interesting to be seen as a foreigner in his own country. It’s probably the best memory from the evening.

After that, we went on to a yakiniku restaurant, where we ate some delicious meat and shared one bottle of beer. Then, it was time to head back home, but we made a final stop at a bar closer to our home, called “America monogatari”. There, they treated us a little tray of cut fruits, since we were speaking to the bartenders about us having our wedding anniversary. That was very nice of them, and it made the evening a little bit more special J

I had a dream

I wrote this on my computer on May the 16th

Tonight I dreamt about my father. It was somewhat strange, as dreams usually are. I was searching after him, and went to his favourite hamburger bar, “ Max”. It was as if I knew he would be there. But he wasn’t. In fact, the hamburger bar had gone bankruptcy. So I felt a bit panic, since I had to find him right away. Then I woke up, feeling sad, of course. In the dream, I think I was aware of the fact that he was dead. When I woke up, I felt as if I have been dreaming of him more than only this once recently. I guess that it’s an important part to be able to dream of the lost ones. Toshi said to me that he thinks that it’s first then you really have accepted what have happened.  

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